Who We Are



Phil Zimmerman, Founder / Retired

With over 30 years in the photo repair industry. He brings his experience and knowledge to this home study program. His engineering background and hands on, down to earth approach combines technical experience with real life solutions. A true icon in the camera repair field.

Professional Credits

Co-Author of this course, winner of the Zimmerman Award, winner of the Thomas Le Crouix Award, owner of ZTS Inc., designer of the first Autofocus Tester, designer of only accurate Lithium Battery Tester, Honoree Lifetime Member of The Society of Photo Technologists, Former President of the Society of Photo-Technologists.



Charles Claar, Founder / Retired

His community college administrative experience makes him ideally suited for directing student affairs and giving careful attention to every detail of this program.

Professional Credits:

Winner of the Zimmerman award, Associate Dean of Continuing Education at Geesse Community College in New York, Graduated from Southern Illinois University, Masters degree from State University College at Buffalo.



Chuck Bertone,  Instructor
 / Owner

A college instructor with an extensive background in photography and 35 years of teaching camera repair. He brings to this course vast experience working with students.

Professional Credits

Co-Author of this course, Instructor and Developer of the Internationally recognized Photo Technology Program, winner of numerous ‘Teaching Awards’, author of C&C Troubleshooting Guides, author and publisher of the SPT Journals, Executive Director of the Society of Photo-Technologists, SPT Chapter President, SPT Board Member, SPT International President, awarded the NAPPET Award in 2008 for Contributions to the Camera Repair Field.  Attended the Brooks and New York Institutes of Photography, was a commercial photographer in New York and was a Master Dye Transfer Technician with experience in Carbaro, Platinum Printing, Photographic Sensitometry and many other aspects of photo-technology.



Zimmerman Award: This prestigious award from the Society of Photo-Technologists was named for Mr. Zimmerman to honor him for his outstanding contributions to this field. Last awarded in 1997.

Thomas Le Crouix Award: This award is presented for outstanding lifetime technical contributions to the photographic industry. ZTS Inc: This company is known for its innovations and break through technology in camera and battery test equipment.

C&C Guides
: These repair guides are considered the finest publication available in this field with an international following. C&C has also produced troubleshooting guides and videos for manufacturers such as Canon Inc., Minolta Inc., Ricoh Inc., and Fuji Inc.

Society of Photo-Technologists: The largest professional international organization of camera repair shops, technicians and manufactures.

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