As you go through the course you will need a few hand tools if you plan to do labs (optional)

Tweezers and a Screwdriver Handle with 3 bits.  These are available through our site and need to be purchased as you go through the course.  

Used in Lessons 5 - 19

Our tweezers are high quality and are available from other sites for about the same cost but maybe of lesser quality.  The Screwdrivers are special and only available from our site or GRS who manufactures them for SPT.  You will not find any better handels or blades for the camera repair field.


Used in Lesson 2 - 19
You will also need:



We recommend the Tenma Brand for both the soldering station and DVM.  There price and quality makes Tenma a good value.

MCM is one vendor but there are many others.  These are available from many sites and purchasing them directly locally or from a web site is the most cost effect method.  We will be glad to give you personal recommendations as you proceed through our course.

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