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  • C&C Associates is an A+ rated BBB business and has been the leader in the camera repair field for over 25 years.
  • The Society of Photo-Technologists is the leading Professional Camera Repair Organization in the camera repair field for over 50 years.  


In 1997 C&C Associates was asked to assume control of the Society of Photo-Technologists.   The association between the two organizations allows us to offer a higher level of camera repair training, camera repair troubleshooting guides, camera repair service adjustment software and a Professional Camera Repair Organization.  SPT and C&C are a great working synergy.

We are current developing DSLRSoft.com so we can provide autofocus adjustment software to the consumer.  <coming soon>


  •  C&C Associates researches camera repair solutions and trains both new and advanced camera repair technicians.
      • DSLRSoft.com <coming soon> will provide consumer level focus adjustment software.



      C&C Associates

      A History of Success and Innovation

      For over 25 years C&C Associates has been the leader in the camera repair field.  We are the leading writers of camera repair guides, the leading educators in the camera repair field, and the sole source for service adjustment software.   explodedview.92.min C&C's Camera Repair Guides, Camera Repair Workshops and Camera Repair Technical Targets are preferred by camera repair technicians, businesses and even camera manufactures around the world.



       C&C Associates is well known, respected and trusted by those in the camera repair industry so much so that in 1997 C&C was chosen to direct the Society of Photo-Technologists, an honor and trust which the camera repair industry placed in us.

      Among our achievements has been:  We have been the only company ever to create camera repair DVDs and camera repair manuals for Canon Inc. and Fuji Inc and Minolta / Ricoh.  We were the only USA company with the technical expertise to be trusted by Japanese Camera Manufactures.  Our ZTS Auto Focus Tester, which was an early digital camera, was also the only 'out of company' tester used by Japanese Camera Companies.


      The story of C&C Associates began with the release of the first electronic camera 'The Canon AE-1CanonAE1.30.  The release of this first of many 'electronic' cameras floored the mechanical camera repair industry.  We countered with the ground-breaking release of the C&C 'Canon AE-1 Troubleshooting Guide'.  This publication pioneered troubleshooting techniques for electronic cameras and incidentally also caused a correction to the Canon factory manual.  C&C introduced the camera repair field to circuit analysis and signal injection making it possible for camera repair businesses to troubleshoot and repair electronic cameras. 

      Many camera repair guides covering Fuji, Bronica, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Minolta and Pentax followed the release of the Canon AE-1 Guide.  These publications and others made it possible for camera repair business to make a substantial living.

      When cameras using digital circuits appeared canon-ae-1program.30, C&C once again pioneered troubleshooting and repair.  C&C Associates produced camera repair guides covering digital circuit models like the Nikon F4, Canon A 1, Canon AE-1 Program and a host of other camera models too numerous to mention.

      Then came microprocessor-based cameras.  The Minolta Maxxum 7000  Minolta-Maxxum7000.30 was the start of Auto focus and microprocessor based cameras.  Once again C&C Associates was in the forefront of the camera repair field when it produced the 'Minolta Maxxum 7000 Troubleshooting Guide'.  This was another ground-braking camera repair guide.  Our guide spurned the idea that expensive specialized test equipment required by the Minolta Inc. was necessary to service AF.  We developed our own less expensive procedures that were adopted by both small and large camera repair businesses around the world.  Once again this ground breaking camera repair guide was the first of many.

      During this same time period we also produced our own line test equipment for the camera repair field through our sister company ZTS.  ZTS Shutter Testers, Light-boxes, Auto focus tester, Line Voltage Tester, Battery Testers, PN Junction testers are legendary in the camera repair business.


      Now that we are in the age of digital cameras, C&C is once again at the front.  We started by producing digital camera repair guides covering both Nikon  Nikon-D40.30 and Canon   Canon-Digital-Rebel.30 digital Single Lens Reflex models.  As we gained experience we realized that troubleshooting, repair and service of digital cameras required another innovative development.  We decided to take on a large project and entered the age of troubleshooting and repair using Service Adjustment Software

      We pioneered Service Adjustment Software, software written expressly for the camera repair field.  Our Service Adjustment Software  is … another groundbreaking, necessary FIRST and EXCLUSIVE in the camera repair industry! 



       SPT Software Saved Me Money
      Chucks EOS 30D Software (SPT) is a must have tool in the Camera Repair industry. I recently took in a Canon EOS 30D that displayed err99 intermittently. The camera looked brand new, the shutter blades showed no sign of wear marks. Without knowing exactly what the error code actually was I ordered the basic version of the software. Easy installation and setup. After checking error codes and shutter count I quickly determined that the error was actually error 65 - unusual CN2 signal at release - Possible causes - Faulty shutter, bad switch contact, faulty or dirty fpc connection. With a shutter count of 21,552 I replaced the shutter with no hesitation. Problem solved. No more error codes, reset shutter count to 0 & cleared error code. With Chucks Software I knew exactly where to go to repair this camera.

      THANKS Chuck... I don't know where we would be without you.           Scott Crisman / Northwest Camera Repair, Inc. 

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