Everything is a step-by-step process

Our Digital Camera Repair Course will give you a great understanding of each camera system including some hands on experience.  That's a start.  But being able to repair cameras professionally also takes experience.  As you start you should do a mix of in-house repairs and outsourcing, with the bulk being outsourced.   Simple repairs stay in-house, in depth repairs get shipped ... at least when you start.  As you gain experience and confidence you should gradually shift the percentage of in-house verses outsourced repairs .  It's a step-by-step process from entry level to professional technician.

Basic business sense is a 'must' to manage and run your business.  In addition you will need to understand the business of camera repair.  We teach you about the camera repair business in our program and through our after graduation support.

Networking is part of any successful technology business.  You need to network with people in the camera repair industry and network with people who make a hobby or profession from photography.  It's basic.  You expand your skill and knowledge from those in the camera repair industry.  You expand your business through people who own and use cameras.  C&C Associates and the Society of Photo-Technologists networks you in the industry.  You network your business with photographers.

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