Lesson 9 / Autofocus Systems

This lesson teaches various auto-focus methods used by cameras. The primary focus, pun intended, is AF CCDs used in film and digital cameras. Autofocus systems used by digital camera are basically an improved version of the same CCD technology used by film SLRs. Mostly the improvements are technological and have not changed our repair and adjustment procedure significantly.

When you complete this lesson you should be able to troubleshoot and service Autofocus problems on most cameras. You will also be required to perform addition lab exercises on SLR cameras provided in latter lessons.


Subjects:  depth_of_focus

    • Point & Shoot Autofocus
    • How Rangefinder Work
    • AF Rangefinders
    • P/S AF Lens Mounts
    • Focus Zones
    • Autofocus & Flash
    • Troubleshooting
    • SLR Autofocus
    • HistoryBuy-Now
    • Systems
    • Highlights
    • Interfaces
    • Troubleshooting
    • Common AF Malfunctions
    • Testing and Adjusting AF SLR Cameras
    • I3A/ISO Resolution Chart
    • Testing Digital Focus
    • Testing Parameters
    • Focus System
    • Sensor
    • Screen
    • Autofocus
    • Tools
    • Aligning the Camera with the Focus Plane
    • Fuji Test Station
    • Check for a Flat Plane of Focus
    • Check the Degree of Focus / Focus Shift
    • Checking the Mirror and Sub Mirror
    • Checking Image Sensor Resolution
    • Measuring Lens Flange Focal Distance
    • Lens Flange Distance / Canon 1Ds Mark II
    • Autofocus Lens Odds and Ends
    • Adjusting Digital SLR Autofocus Using Software
    • Autofocus Overview
    • The Test Lens
    • Averaging Differences
    • Optimum Manual Focus
    • Calibration of the Body
    • AF Shift
    • Macro Test Lens Notes
    • Lens AF Shift 

      Hands On Lab:  Testing a camera's  Auto Focus system

      Typical Time Required: 12 hours

      Updated 2009

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