Lesson 19 / Digital Single Lens Reflex Disassembly and Repair

This lesson covers the disassembly and repair of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras.  First you troubleshoot and then you disassemble and repair.  Lesson 18 and 19 and connected.

This lesson is designed to be used with or without a lab camera. Your first experience doing a partial disassembly of a D SLR camera can be tricky and can result in serious damage to that camera. So if you select our optional lab camera we require you to pay replacement value if you damage it.   Personally we recommed that you purchase a used camera, a model covered by the supplied lab CD.


Start the Repair Right!

External Tests

Sneak and Peak

Disassembly Tips

Lead Free Solder
FPC Connectors / Combs
FPC Failures

Lens Flange Focal Distance


Spring Mounted Image Sensors

In Body Image Stabilization

Cleaning Image Sensors

Cleaning Viewing Screens

Service Adjustment Software




L19new Buy-Now

Hands On Lab:

  • Lab Camera  (Optional)
  • CD of all our D SLR Guides




Your best option is to purchase a used camera, a model covered on our CD
You also provide a camera at a later date.



Typical Time Required:  15 hours


Updated 2011

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