Lesson 18 / Troubleshooting Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras

This lesson reviews the camera systems you have already studied and applies them to Digital SLR cameras.   We cover several different models to give you a specific understanding of all Digital SLR cameras.  When you complete this lesson you should have a good understanding for troubleshooting Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras. You should have completed  prior lessons or if you are purchasing this lesson as a stand-alone you should be knowledgeable in each of these systems.  This is a lesson on Troubleshooting!



  • Batteries
  • DC/DC PCB's
  • Switches
  • Main PCB's
  • CF Pins
  • Error Codes





      • Repair Issues
      • Calibration
      • Adjustment
      • Alignment
      • AE Unit Troubleshooting
      • Footnotes



      • Failure
      • Adjustment


        TFT LCD

        • Troubleshooting Issues
        • Cracked LCD
        • No TFT Image
        • Dim LCD Image
        • Other Problems



        • Direct View
        • Translucent Mirrors
        • The Diaphragm
        • Mirror Release Magnet Troubleshooting
        • Mirror Motor Troubleshooting
        • Phase Switch Troubleshooting
        • Mirror Box Troubleshooting
        • Shutter Troubleshooting


        Lens Recognition

        Troubleshooting Issues



        • Body Troubleshooting
        • Lens Troubleshooting


        Digital SLR Circuits

        • The Power Circuit
        • The Camera Circuit
        • The Digital Image Circuit
        • The Flash Circuit
        • Main PCB Troubleshooting
        • Troubleshooting Issues with Digital Image Circuits



          • Flash fails to popup / no error code
          • Flash fails to popup / error code
          • Flash pops up / error code
          • Flash fails to charge .. LCD displays 'busy'
          • Flash fails to fire


            Error Codes

            • Logic
            • Switch Facts
            • Switch Failure
            • External Error Codes
            • Internal Error Codes


            Typical Time Required: 15 hours

            Updated 2011

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