Lesson 17 / Repairing Digital Point & Shoot Cameras

Digital P/S cameras are the first step up from camera phones.  These cameas are cheap, small, have better image quality and use a lens with a great zoom range.  To outsiders they may seem 'too cheap to repair' but the truth is that repairing cheap cameras has always been a percentage of the camera repair field.  Technicians repair cameras for the love of the field but we also do it for the money.

It's all about volume, quick repairs and triage of cameras to sick to be economically repaired.  Professional technicians repair these cameras because they make money! There are even some huge volume camera repair business that love nothing but .. and they bill millions of $ each year.  Motive enough to get a quick lesson.

This is primarily a hands on lab lesson. This lesson will give you experience in disassembling, repairing and reassembling a Digital Point and Shoot Camera. In this lesson you will be required to apply many of the skills you gained in earlier lessons. When you complete this lesson you should have confidence in your ability to disassemble and reassemble any Digital Point and Shoot camera.



      • Troubleshooting Digital P/S Cameras
      • Existing Problems
      • Introduced Problems
      • General Strategy
      • Tips
      • Static .. Hidden enemy!
      • True Stories
      • What Techs know about Digital P/S Repair
      • Typical Repairs
      • Zoom Lens Failures
      • Dead CamerasBuy-Now
      • Memory Card Unit Failures
      • Flash Failures
      • TFT Repair
      • Board Level Repair
      • Connectors
      • The Business of Digital P/S Repair


          Hands On Lab:  Digital P/S Camera

          Typical Time Required: 5 hours

          Updated 2009

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