Lesson 15 Image Storage & Digital SLR Charges Systems

At first film transport may not seem related to digital cameras, but the motor drive and shutter charge systems developed for film cameras are incorporated into Digital SLR cameras. This lesson teaches you about motor circuits, logic, feedback and troubleshooting. When you understand those you will understand 90% of the mirror and shutter charge systems used by Digital SLRs. There are differences, and improvements but we also teach that 10% as well in this lesson. Past technologies are learning stepping-stones to the future.

When you complete this lesson you should understand and be able to troubleshoot motor drive systems. You should also have an understanding of digital image storage systems and be able to troubleshoot those as well.



      • Wind Cycles
      • Transport Interlocks
      • Film Transport
      • Manual Drives
      • Motor Drives
      • Motor Control
      • Motor Basics
      • Motor Control and Electronic SwitchesBuy-Now
      • Motor Functions
      • Film Metering
      • Electronic Exposure Counters
      • Rewind
      • CAS Frame Count
      • APS systems
      • Transport Motor Drive Examples
      • Troubleshooting
      • Digital Image Storage
      • Memory Card Problems
      • Digital SLR Charge Systems
      • Review of Digital Release Cycle
      • The Digital Charge Cycle
      • Troubleshooting Digital SLR Charge Systems


          Hands On Lab:  Transport Module and Image Storage Module

          Typical Time Required: 15 hours

          Updated 2009

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