Lesson 12 / Exposure Control Systems

This lesson concentrates your attention on the cameras exposure control systems and requires you to be able to apply the knowledge you gain to the labs in other lessons. You will get a background in shutters and diaphragms. You will learn how they work, what goes wrong, why it goes wrong and how to troubleshoot and repair them. It is also about feedback. How does the computer 'know' the position of the shutter and diaphragm, what is the logic? You also learn about error codes, those distress signals the computer sends out when things go wrong.

When you complete this lesson, you should be able to understand how exposure control works, how to troubleshoot these systems and be able to apply the information when repairing cameras.


Subjects:  exposure-control

    • Mechanical Exposure Control
    • Electronic Exposure Control
    • Electronic Timing Circuits
    • Lens Shutter Exposure Control
    • Programmed Lens Shutters
    • Integration
    • Troubleshooting Analog Shutter Circuits
    • Digital Lens Shutter Control
    • Binary ComparatorsBuy-Now
    • Shutter Control
    • Stepping Motor Control
    • Memory
    • Troubleshooting Digital P/S Circuits
    • Other Shutter Drivers
    • SLR Exposure Control
    • Analog Exposure Control
    • Electronic Memory Switches
    • Digital Memories
    • Troubleshooting SLR Memories
    • Electronic Aperture Control
    • Interface and Feedback for Aperture
    • Aperture Control Interfaces
    • Summary
    • Troubleshooting Automatic Apertures
    • Aperture Troubleshooting Table
    • SLR Electronic Shutter Control
    • Types of Focal Plane Shutters
    • Troubleshooting Focal Plane Shutters
    • Exposure Control for Digital Cameras
    • ISO
    • Digital P/S Exposure Control
    • Digital Exposure Control
    • Diaphragms
    • Shutters
    • CCD Image Sensors
    • CMOS Image Sensors
    • Adjusting Digital SLR Exposure using Software
    • Light-meter Adjustment
    • AE Sensor Output Adjustment
    • AE Basic Adjustment
    • AE Shift Adjustment
    • Shutter Adjustment

      Hands On Lab:  Camera Modules, exposure systems

      Typical Time Required: 10 hours

      Updated 2009

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