Lab Equipment - optional

  • You will need one non-working digital Point and Shoot camera for Lesson 2 lab.  You will also need one or more working or non-working digital Point and Shoot camera for some of the labs in different lessons.


  • There are two custom breadboards, one for Lesson 3 and the other for Lesson 4.  These are available for $250 … refunded when the breadboard is returned.  Many students choose to study these lessons without the labs but they are available as an option.


  • You will need a used non-working or working Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.  This should be a older model (which are available cheap) which are available over the web.  


  • You will need a 50mm lens for Lesson 8.


We will recommend the models to you as required and match repair information to those models.

This is absolutely the cheapest way to handle lab equipment.

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