Do you train people on Canon or Nikon or some other model cameras?

No we don’t offer training, we offer education.  Cameras are made of different systems; power, shutter, light meter and others.  And each system has several methods or combinations of methods used by different manufactures.  We educate you in each system, the variations of each system and how different manufactures combine them into a camera.  We model our lessons on college level courses.

If you are interested in training only on a specific model, purchase a C&C Guide or other service manual and see how it goes.  It would give you a point of reference.


How long does the course take?

It depends on you, your goals and how much time you have to devote to the course.  We have had students who have finished our course in less than six months while others spread it out over two years.


Do you have residency training?

We hold a workshop once a year during the Photo-Marketing Convention.  These are professional level workshop but students are welcome to attend.


Do you have any money saving offers?

You can check our shopping cart.  We offer a 10% discount with orders of four or more lessons.  We also offer a complete course package, which gives you a discount of over 20%.   If you have something else in mind, email us.


Do you offer student aid?

Sorry but no, student aid requires a college certified course and lots of paperwork for us.  Sometimes we participate in a state or private retraining programs, you should speak to your counselor if you feel you qualify.


How often do you update your course?

The major updates are posted in the course outlines.  Minor updates happen on a regular basis.  Since we are in daily contact with the camera repair industry, we see allot of updates many of these we add to our course.


I don’t have an electronics background?  Can I still take the course?

Most people do not have an electronics background.  We teach electronics in our course. Two lessons specifically deals with Analog and Digital electronics but .. that is only a start.  Every lesson deals with the electronics governing each camera system.


Do you get a certificate or something after graduation?

We offer a certificate of completion after graduation.  Our certificate is recognized by camera repair business worldwide.


How do I become an Authorized Repair Center?

The bottom line is that you can't start in business as an ASF (authorized repair facility) and the timing is not right.

To become an ASF you have to run a successful camera repair business with a reputation and track record of success.  You also need to be doing wholesale repairs for a store with a high camera sales.  Right now you don't see many new ASFs, the exceptions are the repair businesses that handle service contracts for large box stores.

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