C&C Associates is Unique!

 C&C Associates not only offers the worlds only Digital Camera Repair Course but we also offer the network to back you up after graduation.  We are abe to do this because of our position, innovations and history in the camera repair industry.  We earned our reputation through hard work, dedication and honesty!


We are sure you have done 'searches'.   You searches have found books about mechanical camera repair and digital camera service manuals but these are reference books for trained technicians.  If you found another camera repair course you discovered that it was fundamentally about mechanical cameras .... C&C Associates is Unique in offering a Digital Camera Repair Course! 


Camera Repair is an Applied Science


The C&C Associates Digital Camera Repair Course:

  • We educate you using Text, DVDs, Lab modules and cameras.
  • We provide one on one help using email or phone while you are in our program.
  • We network you in the industry after graduation through SPTNET.
  • We offer after graduation help.
  • We provide an on-line library after graduation and one year free membership in the Society of Photo-Technologists.


C&C Associates offers experience, up-to-date education and a worldwide network.

This combination can open the doorkey for you.


 'Click' on the various menu items and links in both our C&C and SPT web sites to become familiar with us and our Digital Camera Repair course.  We are dedicated to training Professional Camera Repair Technicians.  Email or phone us with your questions.  We want you to have a clear understanding of what we are about and what we can offer you.


Camera Repair starts as a Home Based Business:

Many of our students are interested in a home business and camera repair has deap roots as a cottage industry.cottage-door.200

The reasons are simple:  

    • It is a tradition.  Home businesses with their low overhead made it the place where most got our start, including national service managers and owners of major businesses.
    • Cottage industries are back.  They have been for a many years.  There are many reasons driving this industrial shift.  More and more professionals choose to work from home.   Web sites, networking, web commerce have been big booms for cottage industries.  A home office is the work place of choice for many of us.
    • The primary asset of a camera repair business (and expense) is knowledge, skill, experience and customer base.  Professional camera technicians are similiar to other professionals, our business capitol is ourselves.  These assets can be built part time strating a home.


    Many of us stay a cottage industry because we like it!  It gives us the income, the freedom and the lifestyle we want.  ...  

    • Those who want bigger move into store front business as they outgrow their home office.  
    • A few of us like CRIS and Precision Camera grow into multi-million dollar business.


    We love the life and the life it gives us!


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