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Training Students and Professional Technicians
In Camera Repair
For over 28 Years

Digital Camera Repair Course
Camera Repair Guides, DVDs and Camera Repair Workshops
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C&C Associates was formed by the birth of electronic cameras with roots that go back to mechanical camera repair.  We have backgrounds in mechanics, electronics, engineering, photography, teaching, administration and software development.  We pioneered training, troubleshooting techniques, testers, repair guides, workshops and software used by the camera repair industry.  Over the years as cameras progressed from electronic cameras to microprocessor-based cameras and into digital cameras, C&C  was at the front.  We taught these technologies and repair techniques to those in the camera repair world.  Professional Camera Repair business around the world rely on our services daily.

We offer the breath of experience we gained through these changing technologies to you through our C&C Digital Camera Repair Course.

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